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Composite Fibre Technologies

Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies

About Us

As the use of composite materials has become more common, their performance advantages have been realised by industries such as the aerospace and nautical industries. Composite materials have proven to be a material of choice with an increased use by civil engineers in recent years.

Composite materials offer a product that is high in strength, low weight, and provides a long service life as they do not corrode, rot or shrink the way traditional construction materials, such as wood and steel do in certain applications.

At Wagners, we use the 'Pultrusion Process' to fabricate structural fibreglass sections. These sections are traditional in geometry and shape to rolled steel 'RHS' sections, however are made from fibreglass and vinyl ester resins. We have chosen this material combination to provide the best structural system for an economical cost.

Our Composite Fiber Technologies (CFT) has pioneered the use of composite materials around the world. We are credited with the manufacture, design, and installation of the world’s first composite road bridge on a public road network. Our continued research and development allow us to remain a leader in the design and implementation this exciting building material.

Our composites are now being used in transportation, marine and electrical applications, amongst many others. However, it is not until recently that the ability to build large structures has been fully utilised by our experienced staff. Many years of research and development have resulted in the successful application of composite fibre technology to a number of products including road bridges, electrical crossarms and pedestrian structures.

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