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The City of Salisbury has installed an innovative lighting solution on the Little Para River Trail

This project, run by the City of Salisbury, saw the installation of a lit shared use path along the trail allowing the local community extended use of the area. The project involved strong collaboration with Buckford Illumination Group to guarantee that the lighting and light poles operated effectively while having a low environmental impact.

The Little Para River route is rich in flora and fauna, as well as lush open spaces, picnic spots, and playgrounds. Enjoyed by the local and extended community alike, this magnificent, South Australian walking and cycling trail, comes alive at night with both human and non-human life. So, when it came to the installation of artificial lighting along this track it was imperative that it have minimal impact on the environment.

Our composite fibre light poles were selected as a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive solution that has minimal adverse effect on the environment and would provide the community with a superior and long-life asset. Buckford Illumination Group provided lighting for the project using their innovative WE-EF LIGHTING, which significantly minimises light pollution and disruption. 

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia and are durable yet strong. Our light poles will outlast ones made from standard building materials such as steel, aluminium and wood due to their composition. Our light poles are available in a range of lengths ranging from three to twelve metres. So, you can choose from our existing pole range or collaborate with Wagners’ in-house design team to create your own unique lighting solution.

Michael Pavlovich, Energy & Lighting Coordinator, City of Salisbury, talks about the many benefits of composite fibre light poles.

“When it comes to light pole selection, we were looking for a greener alternative and found that using compsite fibre light poles could help us minimise our carbon footprint. The life of composite fibre makes it an excellent choice, even when compared with recycled aluminium.” Explained Michael.  

“It offers longevity and is impervious to almost any soil type. It is resistant to sea spray and the harshness of our ever-changing climate, making it the “superhero” of the light pole market. The products are competitively priced yet are far superior when it comes to useful life and the inert nature of composite fibre makes it a safer solution.”

Regional Manager, Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies, Ryan Leeson said, This project provided us with an opportunity to demonstrate that our Composite Fibre Technology products are environmentally friendly, lightweight, and easy to install. They are perfectly suited to walking trails because our products require little maintenance and will last for a very long time, cutting maintenance and replacement costs.”

If you want a low-cost, ecologically friendly light pole that will last a long time, look no further. Contact James Lorrimer at james.lorrimer@wagner.com.au or phone 0418 830 857


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The City of Salisbury has installed an innovative lighting solution on the Little Para River Trail