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Composite Fibre Technologies


We have supplied boardwalks across Australia from the sweltering tropics to the burning deserts. Our composite structures are uniquely suited to withstand the harshest environments while providing a low maintenance, long life asset to the local community. Our structures have proven time and again their unique durability and strength, perfect for coastal, marine, and environmentally sensitive areas.


Possessing a full in-house design and certification team, we will work closely with clients to ensure a robust, aesthetically pleasing pedestrian asset that will provide decades of service. From remote trails in national parks, to major thoroughfares in populated areas, our boardwalks offer constructability, durability and versatility in all conditions and are available in many colours and styles.


Performance Advantages:

  • Design life up to 100 years
  • Will not rust, rot, or corrode
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Dispensable cathodic protection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to acid sulphate soils
  • Standardized 7-year full replacement warranty
  • Guaranteed long life on structural surface coatings


We have developed design methodologies for composite boardwalks from the following standards:

  • AS1657 — Design for access and mobility
  • AS2156 — Walking tracks, infrastructure design
  • AS1170 — Structural design actions

Structural design of Polymer Composites — Eurocomp design code and handbook design of composite structures differs slightly from that of traditional materials, in that the 'serviceability' criteria generally dominates the design process. Typically, traditional materials are designed primarily for strength, and serviceability checks are performed. Due to the low Modulus of Elasticity of composite products (as compared to steel for example) structures are designed to meet the stiffness criteria, and as a result contain large strength reserves.


Our Experience

We have over 10 years of experience supplying composite fibre structures and our products are produced and manufactured locally here in Australia, using the highest quality materials.