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Composite Fibre Technologies

Utility Poles

Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies (CFT) produces the most durable, safe and environmentally friendly utility poles for energy infrastructure asset owners around the world.

Our uniquely pultruded Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) utility poles are safer than traditional poles because they do not conduct electricity thereby reducing risk associated with shock or electrocution, especially during installation.

Being 50%+ lighter than traditional poles, FRP utility poles are safer to handle, transport and install leading to improved health and safety for community and workers during installation, reduced wear and tear on equipment and improved transport efficiencies.

Existing equipment and processes are fully compatible with FRP installation so there’s no need to upgrade or expand existing assets. Long-term, lighter equipment can be utilised to install FRP poles which translates to reduced future capital expenditure. Onsite fitting and installation are no different to traditional poles with the ability to drill fixtures in-field, ensuring a quality fit and installation every time.

FRP utility poles are extremely durable with an expected 80-year design life. Additionally, Wagners utility poles are inert which means they will not react chemically to their surroundings making them resistant to rot, rust and corrosion caused by moisture, chemicals and UV radiation. Superior return on investment is therefore achieved through total service life owing to reduced maintenance and inspection requirements.


  • Non-conductive - significantly reduced risk of touch potential
  • Lightweight - safer to handle, transport and install
  • Durable - expected 80-year design life
  • Inert - will not rot, rust or corrode
  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI) - through reduced ongoing maintenance & inspection requirements
  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable - using 5-7 times less embodied carbon than traditional utility poles
  • Resistant to termites, acid sulfate soils & non-leaching
  • Compatible with existing installation equipment & processes
  • Fire - improved bushfire resilience
  • Maximise network security & resilience

Wagners’ Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) demonstrates our FRP utility poles are an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative using 5-7 times less embodied carbon than traditional utility poles. They are perfect for environmentally sensitive areas or areas of high conservation value as they are resistant to termites, acid sulfate soils and are non-leaching.

Wagners CFT has produced more than a million FRP electrical crossarms for network operators over the past 20 years. Building on our reputation of quality, safety and reliability, the collective characteristics of Wagners’ FRP utility poles will further enhance and maximise network security and resilience for asset owners and customers into the future.