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Sydney Metro West Airport tunnel

Wagners Precast has recently been awarded a $120 million project to supply over 74,000 tunnel segments for the Sydney Metro West Airport tunnel and station project. Each segment weighs around 4,000 kg, and in order to keep up, four tunnel boring machines will need to manufacture over 160 units per day and deliver them to the site for over 18 months.

This project has so far utilised Wagners Group of companies to come together and prove what they are capable of, including:

  • design, develop, and test a new concrete mix, including fire testing, to meet the strict requirements of the specification and allow us to manufacture and deliver the units in a timely manner.
  • Engineer and upgrade the facility with new and improved capital equipment and processes within a very small window (3 months) that allow for better concrete mixing, wet concrete transfer, and a more efficient accelerated curing chamber.




Precast tunnel segments

Sydney Metro West Airport tunnel