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Our Business

Safety, Quality and Environment

Wagners is committed to providing a healthy, safe and sustainable workplace, while delivering high quality, effective products and services to our customers. We conduct our business and operations with integrity, work together to overcome challenges, and encourage and acknowledge success in a safe and family-conscious environment.

Working together safely to ensure no harm to people, no accidents, and no damage to assets or equipment is our number one value. While organisational priorities change, our constant commitment to safety does not.

This commitment extends to causing no environmental impact, to reducing waste and consumption of energy resources and recycling wherever possible. We strive to produce quality products and deliver exceptional service – first time, every time.


At Wagners we believe:

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility;
  • No job is so important that it cannot be done safely;
  • All injuries are preventable.

The safety process is an integral part of our business operation and fundamental to our ongoing business success. The success of the health and safety program ultimately depends on the willingness of management, supervisors and staff to cooperate and work collectively as a team to achieve our goal of having work environments which are totally free of injuries and incidents.