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Composite Fibre Technologies

Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies

About Us

Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies (CFT) started in 2002. Using a unique pull-winding process, our pioneering use of composite materials led to supplying infrastructure around Australia. We have experienced growth ever since and gained global delivery capability with exports ranging to the USA, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates among others.

We manufacture composite fibre material for use in the civil engineering construction industry. CFT is credited with manufacturing and installing the world's first composite road bridge in a public road network and the first clip-on pedestrian walkway/cycleway onto an existing bridge (learn more about the Chesterhope Bridge).

Wagners CFT products will not rot, rust or corrode. The combination of our unique composite traits ensures superior strength-to-weight ratio, cost-effective and durable solutions for civil engineers, especially when facing environmentally sensitive or challenging terrain.

We are committed to manufacturing quality products and exceeding customer expectations. At Wagners, we deliver smarter outcomes for our customers ensuring the best value for money. Options include a large range of products in colours to suit aesthetic needs, full in-house design capability, pre-fabrication and on-site installation.