• Marine (Precast)

Precast Concrete

Marine (Precast)

Boat Ramp Planks

Wagners Precast manufactures panels for marine structures such as boat ramp planks using Portland cement based concretes or Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC).

Custom Marine Products

Wagners precast can manufacture custom precast elements for marine structures.

In addition to traditional Portland cement based concretes, Wagners has developed its own geopolymer concrete suitable in marine structures and branded as Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC).

In addition to its environmental credentials, EFC is also a high performance concrete that offers the highest resistance to the common forms of concrete degradation in normal concrete due to the different chemistry of the geopolymer binder. EFC has:

  • High sulphate resistance
  • High chloride ion ingress resistance
  • High acid resistance
  • Very low shrinkage
  • 30% higher flexural strength
  • Very low heat of reaction

Post Stressed Custom Beams

        • 205 units between 22T and 76T each
        • Custom design for our Clients project
        • The project including a purpose engineered flipping unit to rotate 90 degrees from casting to transport orientations
        • 1.2m wide and up to 3m high
        • 150 units were post stressed before transportation

Pinkenba Wharf

Wagners wharf was designed in-house using the latest Composite Fibre Technology (CFT) and Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) to reduce the construction and life carbon emissions of the project.

EFC technology offers greater protection against Acid, Sulphate and Chloride damage. 

Our CFT products have significant advantages compared with traditional building materials as it is resistant to corrosion, lightweight yet strong, easy to install and maintain.