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Steel Reinforcing

About Us

Our steel reinforcing division forms part of the folio of Wagners companies servicing the civil construction and residential markets.

Wagners has been in the reinforcing industry for over 20 years and has provided reinforcing steel for everything from residential house requirements to large projects such as gas and coal infrastructure, multi-story high-rise buildings, precast beams, and transport infrastructure tunnels.

Wagners schedulers work with our team of production and procurement staff to produce reinforcing for project requirements. The manufacturing facilities are ACRS accredited and is processed to AS 4671 standard. Wagners use a combination of off coil and cut and bend processing equipment to provide flexible manufacturing for both large and small scale project requirements

As well as bar production, to expedite project requirements, Wagners can offer fabrication of;

  • Footing beam cage,
  • Bored pile cage, and
  • Pad footing.

Wagners steel reinforcing range features products for the whole structure requirements;

  • All bar, mesh and chairing products
  • Specialised joint requirements
  • Under slab cavity products
  • Formatube for pile requirements
  • And a range of concreting tools & accessories

Distance is not an issue as Wagners can provide deliveries from crane equipped body trucks to road train load utilising Wagners Transport Division.


Wagner’s Reinforcing operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2008.

ACRS - https://www.acrs.net.au/Certificates/Webpdfs_current/71101.pdf

Certified by ACRS (Australian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural steels Ltd) for processing and distribution of carbon steel bars and mesh in accordance with AS/NZS 4671, plus the requirements of the “material and construction requirements for reinforcing steel” clauses of AS 3600 Concrete structures and AS 5100.5 Bridge design – Concrete, or “Reinforcement” clauses of NZS 3109 Concrete Construction.

Main Roads - http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/-/media/busind/businesswithus/Approved-products-and-suppliers/Bridges-and-other-structures/ReinforcingSteelApprovedSuppliers.pdf?la=en

Certified by Queensland Main Roads for MRTS 71 for reinforcement processing and mesh distribution.