• Engineering Design

  • Engineering Fabrication

  • Bespoke Machine Design And Fabrication

  • Fleet Servicing

Engineering Solutions

Wagners’ Engineering Solutions work hand in hand with all divisions of the Wagners  business and external customers to ensure the successful completion of every project, no matter the size or location.

The services we can supply are fabrication, machinist, processing steel capabilities, painting, panelling, sandblasting, procurement, logistics, mechanical, maintenance and electrical needs. So we can keep your machinery and vehicles operational and also produce custom components for your projects.

We have the ability to operate 24/7 if your project requires, to ensure your project deadlines are met. We can also offer you immediate access to heavy fabrication and surface finishing equipment.

Wagners employees are skilled and experienced and will deliver an outstanding service. Our staff are able to adapt to different working environments, are reliable, focused and committed to producing quality products designs and solutions.

At our maintenance facility in Toowoomba and our mobile workshops we can modify Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment to improve its versatility, manufacture equipment and provide efficient repairs to any fleet. We use a computerised maintenance management and procurement system to ensure timely maintenance and accurate records.

We also takes part in the Best Practice Network, which benchmarks efficiency, quality, safety and other measures relevant to the industry.