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Cement, Flyash & Lime

Lab & QA

Pinkenba Cement Laboratory is state of the art and is NATA accredited for all necessary Material and Chemical testing of raw materials and products.

The main functions and activities of Pinkenba Laboratory are – production control, final product quality control, customer support and R&D.

Wagners Pinkenba Cement Plant Quality Control

Raw materials, production samples and dispatched product are tested in a state of the art cement NATA accredited Laboratory based on site at the Pinkenba facility. Laboratory NATA accreditation numbers are: 15402, 17004 and 17180. The Pinkenba Cement laboratory takes part in yearly benchmarking exercises where the testing competencies are compared with Australian, South East Asian and European laboratories (ATILH Program coordinated by CCAA).

All cement and raw material tests are accredited by NATA (refer to the details below). The Laboratory has two powerful XRF analysers (4 kW and 1 kW), a Malvern laser particle size analyser, and an XRD analyser for cement and clinker mineralogy control (including free Lime control) and all other necessary testing equipment. All equipment is calibrated and maintained according to NATA and Quality Management System requirements.



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