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The Australian Museum recognises Earth Friendly Concrete by Wagners as one of Australia’s top climate solution technologies

Wagners had the honour of having our Earth Friendly Concrete® technology displayed at the Spark exhibition. The exhibition at the Australian Museum, Spark: Australian innovations tackling climate change, showcases local innovation that provide positive solutions to the climate crisis. Earth Friendly Concrete® by Wagners was selected by the Australian Museum to be a part of the exhibition alongside nine other leading climate solution technologies. All exhibited creativity and resourcefulness when it comes to reducing our collective impact on the environment.

Earth Friendly Concrete® by Wagners is a ZERO-cement concrete technology which significantly reduces the embodied carbon associated with ordinary cement based concretes. Using Earth Friendly Concrete instead of ordinary concrete saves 250kg of C02 per cubic metre.  Not only does it eliminate carbon emissions, Earth Friendly Concrete® by Wagners makes use of industrial waste products in our geopolymer binder system. Meaning it is a major player in the circular economy. Earth Friendly Concrete is one of the most effective and practical solutions to reducing embodied carbon in our built environment.

On top of the environmental benefits, it is also an exceptional product, boasting improved durability, lower shrinkage and higher flexural tensile strength.

Jenny Newell, manager of Climate Change Projects and curator of the exhibition said “I was excited to learn that Wagners are producing low-carbon emissions concrete. As cement is one of world’s major sources of emissions, this is a hugely important development. Wagners kindly provided samples and images for us to use in the Spark exhibition, in the section on ‘building smarter’. Like other methods Australian innovators are advancing to reduce emissions, Earth Friendly Concrete brings not one but multiple benefits for users and our environment, now and into the future.”

Wagners EFC General Manager, Jason Zafiriadis said “This was the perfect opportunity for us to increase public awareness of our innovative Earth Friendly Concrete. We donated samples of EFC to the exhibit that are being displayed to the public, amongst similar projects that offer cutting edge solutions to the climate crisis.”

About the Spark exhibition:

Located at the Australian Museum - 1 William Street Sydney NSW 2010 Australia. The  exhibition is open until 3 October 2021, however it is closed during the Sydney lockdown but a virtual tour will soon be available on the Spark website (expected late July).

If you are interested in making the switch to ZERO-cement concrete for your next project, please contact Sam at sam.kelly@wagner.com.au or on 0428 611 349.


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Sam Kelly
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The Australian Museum recognises Earth Friendly Concrete by Wagners as one of Australia’s top climate solution technologies