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Our Composite Fibre Technologies light poles are perfect for ports

This project run by North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation, saw the replacement of 29 painted galvanised steel light poles at southern Breakwater. The steel light poles were installed roughly 15 years ago and as they were exposed to saltwater spray and the elements every day, they had deteriorated significantly. Our corrosion resistant light poles were selected as an economical replacement.  We were able to supply North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation with a custom design and solution to suit their needs, with poles fabricated to exact heights and outreach that could withstand cyclone winds. The light poles we supplied were two different sizes: 17 x 5m with a 2m outreach and 12 x 8m with a 2m outreach.

Our products were retrofitted to existing bolts which were in close proximity, so a unique and innovative connection was developed to overcome this challenge. Furthermore, during installation much smaller equipment was able to be utilised as our products are lightweight. This also, reduces transportation costs and installation time.

Our light poles will provide a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing solution for any residential, commercial, or industrial project. Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia and will perform in marine and other corrosive environments. Our light poles come in a variety of lengths, anywhere from 3m to 12m. So, you can choose from our existing pole range or work with Wagners’ in-house design team to create your custom lighting solution.

Mitch Walker, Electrical Superintendent, North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation said, “We choose Wagners’ CFT products for this project as their products are corrosion resistant and we knew they would perform in the port environment. We installed the light poles around 18 months ago and they look the same today as they did then. Wagners were very helpful throughout the whole process, they answered all our questions and provided technical support for the installation. We will be looking into using these products more often.”

Engineering Manager, Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies, Lachlan Nicol said, “This project presented challenges for us as our light poles needed to be retrofitted to existing bolts which were closely spaced so our team was put to the test to develop a new and custom connection to reach a resolution. As we manufacture CFT ourselves we can problem solve and offer greater flexibility to meet the exacting specifications of our clients. Not only can we offer customisation, but our products are well suited to high saline marine environments, such as the port and will never corrode cutting maintenance and replacement costs.”

To make the switch contact James Lorrimer at james.lorrimer@wagner.com.au or phone 0418 830 857


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Our Composite Fibre Technologies light poles are perfect for ports