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Jan Juc Stairs

Just west from Torquay you'll find Jan Juc. A cliff-lined sandy beach popular with swimmers, surfers and fishermen.

Wagners were successful in tendering for this job for Elstone Diving Services on behalf of the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee. The stairs required replacement after severe storm damage in 2017.

The installation was a three step process which included prefabrication of the stair modules off-site at Wagners CFT manufacturing facility, footing installation and finally the stair module installation.
The landings and stair sections were prefabricated into five transportable modules.

The installation of the stair modules was a relatively quick process, taking around a week. This included flying the modules into the site by helicopter, which was completed in a day, followed by installation of the handrails, FRP mesh deck on the landings and complete final touches.

Wagners CFT is an excellent infrastructure choice for marine environments as it will not rust, rot or corrode, and the prefabrication process reduces time on-site which is a must in tricky locations such as this.


Elstone Diving Services


Jan Juc, Victoria



Time frame

18 weeks

Jan Juc Stairs