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Global Change Institute (GCI) Building

Wagners provided some 330 m³ of Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) for the production of 33 large floor beams that form 3 suspended floor levels in the Global Change Institute (GCI) building at the University of QLD’s St Lucia Campus.

The GCI sustainable building construction is a showcase of next generation environmental building technologies. The design brief was for a sustainable building construction and operation that would serve as an outward reflection of the objectives of the organisation housed within. From the outset of the design process, project architects Hassell Group and project engineers Bligh Tanner were extremely interested in having the most environmental concrete technology available in the world today, geopolymer concrete, included in the building structure.

EFC is the only commercially available geopolymer concrete in QLD, and one of the very few available in the world. This unique project marks a new era of sustainable concrete construction in QLD, and is a world first application of modern geopolymer concrete in the structure of a multi storey building.

Prof Joseph Davidovits, the original pioneer and inventor of geopolymer chemistry visits Wagners in 2015 and inspects GCI building and Wellcamp Airport. Click here to read more about the visit.





Global Change Institute (GCI) Building