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Fairmont Weirs Project

Wagners Quarries Pty Ltd were contracted by the Longreach Shire Council, through the Council consultants, Fisher Stewart Pty Ltd, to win, grade and haul 118,000 tonnes of large rock for the Fairmont Weirs Project.

The rock was won from the local Gidgee stone country and sorted in sizes from 1,200mm to 200mm. It was then hauled 40 kilometres in side tipper road trains and delivered at a rate of 1,600 tonnes per day during the peak period. The contract was for a 16 week time period and was completed ahead of schedule.


Longreach Shire Council


Longreach, QLD


$2.3 Million


David Sargent, Fisher Stewart Pty Ltd
Tel: (07) 3852 1720

Time frame

July - October 2000

Fairmont Weirs Project