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Earth Friendly Shotcrete

We are proud to announce the release of Earth Friendly Shotcrete, the world’s first ZERO-cement shotcrete for pools, tunnel linings and ground stabilising applications. Earth Friendly Shotcrete by Wagners is placed and finished just like conventional shotcrete, with superior engineering properties and ZERO-cement that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of construction projects.

Recently 22m3 of Earth Friendly Shotcrete was used to construct a swimming pool for a home in Raby Bay by Stewart Homes. The pool was installed by Fowke Design and Constructions and designed by Maxa Design who specified the use EFC® for this project. The use of Earth Friendly Shotcrete instead of ordinary shotcrete not only significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the project, it also put to use a large volume of recycled industry waste products making this a great example of the circular economy at work.
Earth Friendly Shotcrete is based on Wagners proprietary EFC® low carbon technology which on average saves approximately 250kg of embodied CO2 per cubic metre placed.

Stewart Homes have been building luxury homes for over thirty years in Southeast Brisbane, specialising in complex and unusual homes where quality is the number one priority. To achieve this, only the highest quality products are used.
Director and Construction Manager, Ian Henry said, “For this build the client specified that we needed to use building materials with significantly reduced embodied carbon, and Earth Friendly Concrete® by Wagners is the only cement free product on the market. We have almost built the entire home from Earth Friendly Concrete®, including footings, slabs, precast walls, roof concrete panels, and now the swimming pool. We have appreciated working with Wagners as they hold themselves accountable and have worked with us to trial mixes and solve problems”.

Pool builders, Fowke Design and Construction, were established in 1986 and provide quality construction services to their clients.
Director, Wally Fowke said, “Earth Friendly Shotcrete has a similar application to traditional shotcrete and we are pleased to be the first company to use this new product in Queensland”.

Shotcreting is a method of applying concrete projected at velocity on to vertical or overhead surfaces. Earth Friendly Concrete is particularly suitable for this application due to its greater internal cohesion or “stickiness” and limited bleed characteristics which allows it to stand up well in its plastic state without slumping.

Wagners EFC® General Manager, Jason Zafiriadis said, “Our technology demonstrates genuine environmental benefits, and this project was an opportunity for us to demonstrate the effectiveness and functionality of Earth Friendly Shotcrete. This pool has significantly reduced embodied carbon, minimising its effect on the environment.”

Will you take the plunge and minimize your effect on the environment? Contact sam.kelly@wagner.com.au or phone 0428 611 349.

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Earth Friendly Shotcrete