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Curragh Haulage Project

This project was undertaken with Curragh Wesfarmers P/L. The contractor was Wagners Transport P/L. The Project involves the loading and haulage of coal from Curragh to Stanwell. This was a campaign conducted over 12 weeks. During this time, in excess of 234,000 tonnes of coal was hauled, involving 26 road trains, travelling a combined distance of 1,980,252 kilometres.


The initial Curragh project resulted in an additional contract from November 2006 – March 2007 hauling from Curragh North to the Stockpile, a distance of 23km, and this contract utilised 4 triple road train configurations. The contract also included the maintenance of the stockpile and load out areas. 4,000 tonnes a day was hauled on this project, totalling in excess of 700,000 tonnes over the five month period.


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Curragh Haulage Project