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Burke and Wills Dig Tree Boardwalk

In 2020, the Dig Tree Reserve was refurbished with a path and boardwalk to protect the roots of the heritage-listed trees. The refurbishment project included remedial work to the waterway to protect the Dig Tree site from soil erosion.

Due to the geographical location and remoteness of this site, it was important that a low maintenance and yet structurally adequate boardwalk and deck be erected. The location of the site is south west QLD and is subject to some of the harshest conditions with temperatures often over 55° Celsius in summer and sub-zero in winter. The effect the heat has on building material in this area is unforgiving and harsh which diminishes the lifespan of building materials dramatically, therefore composites were the perfect material for the project.          

Transport costs were also significantly reduced due to the light weight of composites.

Due to the historical and cultural significance of the location, it was imperative that the three trees were not harmed or have the root systems tampered with. Stumps were strategically placed to avoid damage.

The Reserve is now welcoming and safe to visitors whilst protecting the heritage-listed trees.


Royal Historical Society of Queensland (RHSQ) and Bulloo Shire Council


Bulloo Shire, QLD

Time frame

4 months (February - June 2020)

Burke and Wills Dig Tree Boardwalk