Wagners innovative Composite Fibre Technologies (CFT) handrails selected for Town Beach Jetty by SMC Marine



Wagners innovative Composite Fibre Technologies (CFT) handrails selected for Town Beach Jetty by SMC Marine - Jan 20 2022

This project saw the construction of the new Town Beach Jetty for the Shire of Broome at the location of the historic Broome jetties. It included installation of coated steel piles, precast concrete deck panels and aluminium deck modules. Wagners were contracted by SMC Marine to provide CFT handrails for the main deck and the lower landing. The new jetty is 112m in length and Wagners supplied over 250 linear metres of CFT handrails and an access gate.


Originally this project’s tender design guide specified the use of galvanised steel handrails. However, SMC Marine started researching products that would have all the strength required for the jetty but would outperform galvanised steel in the harsh marine environment. So, after consulting the client it was decided to make the switch to Wagners CFT, as it will not rust, rot, or corrode and met the required specifications for the project.


Wagners CFT is innovative fibreglass sections manufactured in Australia using a unique pull-winding process. They can be used as a replacement for steel, aluminium, and timber and have the added advantage of being resistant to corrosion, lightweight yet strong and easy to install and maintain.


These products reduce site installation labour and generally yield faster installation times. Wagners CFT handrails are simple to replace, modify or extend as needed, with minimal site works being required.   


Lindsay Bligh, Project Manager, SMC Marine said, Wagners’ CFT product offers a great solution for marine applications and it is a product that we will continue to promote.  It has allowed us to offer a lightweight, maintenance-free solution that is versatile and aesthetically pleasing while being capable of adaptation to various applications. SMC Marine have utilised Wagners CFT throughout Australia for a number of years, and we will continue to do so as CFT offers superior quality and appearance when compared to competing products. Wagners have been easy to deal with, especially during the complex design phase. They offered proactive responses during manufacture, delivery and installation. Everything was delivered on time, and all fitted together as planned.”


Executive General Manager, Wagners New Generation Building Materials, Michael Kemp said, “This project was an opportunity for us to demonstrate the many advantages that our Composite Fibre Technology products offer. They are lightweight and easy to install and are well suited to high saline marine environment as CFT will never corrode and requires virtually zero maintenance.”