Tim Flannery, climate change and EFC



Tim Flannery, climate change and EFC - Oct 12 2018

We had the pleasure of hosting the 2007 Australian of the Year, Tim Flannery, at our Pinkenba cement facility in October to discuss climate change and, in particular, how EFC really can change the world.

“I cannot believe that such innovation is coming out of an Australian company. These products have the capacity to change the world,” Mr Flannery said.

“Wagners are leading the way. Everyone is talking about geo-polymer concrete but no one has actually commercialised it,” he said.

Wagners CEO, Cameron Coleman said it was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase an innovative part of our business that is still in its infancy, but starting to gain traction around the world.

“We know we have a unique and innovative product and we’re over the moon that someone with Tim’s influence supports us,” Mr Coleman said.

Mr Flannery is approached regularly to discuss all sorts of products that apparently have great environmental claims, but said he was completely blown away with his visit to Wagners.

“I came to Wagners with low expectations, but I am blown away with my visit. The innovation and commitment to these new products are extraordinary,” he said.

Wagners EFC is set to have DBIt certification in Europe early in the new year. Europe is ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to action against climate change and this certification allows us to commercialise EFC in the region providing opportunities for its use where demand for green products is strong.


About Tim Flannery:

Tim Flannery was 2007 Australian of the Year. He was born and educated in Melbourne, and studied English literature before embarking on a remarkable career as a zoologist, palaeontologist, explorer, writer and environmentalist. After gaining degrees in earth sciences and zoology, he worked for a range of institutions including the University of Adelaide, South Australia Museum, Australian Museum and Harvard University. He has written many books on induced climate change and can describe in clear and accessible language the science of climate change and its likely consequences for a fragile planet.