CFT wins first project in Canada



CFT wins first project in Canada - Jan 17 2019

Another day, another CFT product headed out of Australia and into another country. This time it’s Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our latest international project is to supply Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structural elements to the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to rehabilitate a corroded steel suspension bridge. Wagners were selected to provide new structural materials to be hung from the heritage structure’s existing towers and suspension cables.

The Sable River Suspension Bridge (“The Footbridge” to the locals), has been the main walking link between the two sides of the town of Sable River, Nova Scotia since it was constructed in 1885. The bridge was closed in late 2018 due to safety concerns around the condition of the timber walkway.

The aim of this project is to refurbish the old bridge with newer materials that will last longer and bring the bridge into this century whilst keeping the original look and feel. The Wagners CFT Team at the Wellcamp office will now complete the detailed design of the structure, manufacture all the structural sections required for the project and ship them to Nova Scotia for installation in May this year.

This project is a great opportunity to not only showcase our materials to a Canadian Province but also gives us a platform to grow from and secure further projects in Canada.

After securing our first projects in New Zealand in 2017, the UK and US in 2018, and now Canada in the first few days of 2019 we are excited at where we are headed with more countries coming soon!