Wagners EFC sets new standard: The Global Change Institute Building



Wagners EFC sets new standard: The Global Change Institute Building - May 22 2012

Wagners EFC Team have commenced a supply contract for EFC geopolymer concrete for the production of 33 large floor beams that will form 3 suspended floor plates of the new Global Change Institute (GCI) building at the University of QLD’s St Lucia Campus.

The GCI 'Sustainable Building' construction is a showcase of the next generation of environmental building technologies. The EFC beams contribute thermal mass to the low energy space heating and cooling design which is undertaken using controlled temperature water flow through pipes contained within the beams.

It is a first for the use of EFC in a fully structural building application and will be an important milestone in the history of Wagners EFC story.

Batched at the Toowoomba EFC plant, each beam requires 2 truckloads of EFC to the precast facility at Carole Park, Brisbane. The chemical activation is performed at the precast yard when the trucks arrive, to eliminate the risk of hold ups on the busy Warrego Highway.

“This building is an exciting development for Queensland and will prove that it is possible to design and manage a building which is carbon neutral and 99.9% water neutral. It will be an exemplar for future constructions in this state, which is home to of some of the largest coal mines in Australia.” -University of Queensland alumnus and visionary philanthropist Graeme Wood*

Project Key Facts:

33 precast EFC floor beams, specified as off white colour class 2 finish.

Total of 66 truck loads on 33 different casting dates.

5 storey building will house the GCI organisation.

Wagners client – McNab Builders

Precaster – Precast Concrete Pty Ltd

Project engineers – Bligh Tanner

Project Architects – Hassell Group

Principal – University of QLD

*Source: Wood, Graeme and University of Queensland: Alumni Community. Ceremony Marks Sustainable Start for Green UQ Building. 18 May 2012