Wagners’ Earth Friendly Concrete Nominated In Usa’S Premier Concrete Awards



Wagners’ Earth Friendly Concrete Nominated In Usa’S Premier Concrete Awards - Aug 01 2016

Construction Materials company Wagners has been nominated for an international award for their Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) innovation.

The Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) has endorsed Wagners, who is in the running for a prestigious American Concrete Institute (ACI) Award with the winners announced in October this year.

Wagners director Joe Wagner, who heads the company’s EFC division, said it was a huge coup to be in contention for an award.

“We are extremely proud of EFC, particularly in its application at the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport project, which formed the basis of our ACI submission,” said Mr Wagner.

The Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport project was the largest application of modern geopolymer concrete in the world, which created a total carbon emission reduction across the project of 6,600 tonnes compared to using conventional concrete, Mr Wagner said.

“EFC contains no Portland cement, instead we use recycled waste products (blast furnace slag from steel production and fly ash from coal fired power) creating a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr Wagner.

More than 40,000 m³ of EFC was used in the construction of the heavy duty aircraft pavements that form the taxiway, apron and turning node areas as well as other civil and building works throughout the airport precinct.

EFC has received numerous national awards in Australia, including recognition for its use in the Global Change Institute building in Brisbane.

But ironically Mr Wagner said the majority of its applications would most likely be in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“We are already working in countries where the regulatory authorities can see the benefits of using our product and are motivated toward ecological change,” he said.

Mr Wagner said the company’s sights would also be set on the USA market.

“The States is the biggest user of concrete pavement in the world, especially in roads and airfields.

“EFC has high flexural and tensile strength as well as very low shrinkage making it an ideal choice for slip formed aircraft and road pavement construction.

“We would certainly intend working with US authorities, as our product has the ideal properties for these applications,” he said.

Mr Wagner said EFC was an extremely important innovation created to reduce carbon emissions in the construction industry and provide the next generation with a superior structural performing concrete.

The ACI Award winners will be announced in Philadelphia on October 24.

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