Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete gets 'green light' from Toowoomba Regional Council



Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete gets 'green light' from Toowoomba Regional Council - Aug 19 2010

Many years of research and development work by Wagners has now culminated in Australia’s first truly low CO₂ emission premixed concrete product. Branded Earth Friendly Concrete, or justEFC, it is a concrete that contains no ordinary Portland cement which is responsible for the carbon emission intensity of normal concrete. EFC is made from an eco-friendly alternative binder technology known as geopolymer, which produces 80 – 90 % less CO₂ emissions than Portland cement.

Apart from its environmental properties, EFC also has excellent engineering properties. Sharing a desire to produce better environmental outcomes in our built environment, Toowoomba Regional Council recently became Wagners’ first customer to use the product, trialling it in a new section of footpath along Rome Street.

Toowoomba Regional Council’s Mayor, Peter Taylor, led a delegation to inspect the project on Thursday 19th August 2010. “I think this is a great example of using technology and innovation to improve the environmental footprint of our construction industry”, commented Cr Taylor. “I hope this positive approach by Toowoomba Regional Council will lead others in making the environmental performance a key criteria for project decisions.”

In addition to slashing greenhouse gas emissions, EFC also utilises large amounts of two waste by-products from industry – flyash which is the residue left from the burning of coal in power generation; and blast furnace slag, the waste from iron production. EFC utilises flyash and slag to make a high performance binder system in concrete that totally replaces the Portland cement.


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