Innovation wins Wagners first project in the US



Innovation wins Wagners first project in the US - Aug 06 2018

Australian-based construction materials provider, Wagners, has signed a deal to design and deliver its first boardwalks in the United States.

In a strategic move to expand its Composite Fibre Technology (CFT) product into the US market, Wagners will design, manufacture and install three boardwalks and three jetties totalling almost 1,700 linear feet in Ocala City, Florida later this year.

The boardwalks and jetties are part of an innovative aquifer recharge park that will take storm water runoff and reclaimed water and allow it to filter down through engineered wetlands and safely back into the aquifer.

Ocala's City Engineer, Sean Lanier wanted to find an innovative and low maintenance solution for a long-term problem that has plagued every municipal boardwalk since their inception.

"Traditional materials like wood, steel, and even concrete are subject to decay. In Florida, that decay is accelerated due to its sub-tropical nature and proximity to harsh wet and often salty environments," explained Mr Lanier.

Executive General Manager Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies, Mr Michael Kemp said the Queensland-based company was delighted to be awarded the contract.

"The Wagners CFT product has an expected 100-year design life on the engineering and materials and wouldn't need any maintenance for at least 30, if not 50 years.

"It will quickly begin to pay for itself, saving the city millions of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

"Wagners has earned a reputation both nationally and overseas for providing high-quality products, excellent service and long-term assets for local communities," said Mr Kemp.

"We have supplied composite fibre boardwalks, bridges and a wide range of other structures all around the world because our materials are perfect for use in coastal, marine, and environmentally-sensitive areas such as tidal flood plains, protected mangrove swamps, alkaline desert and corrosive mining facilities," explained Mr Kemp.

Wagners received a $272,250 grant from the Queensland Government through Made in Queensland - an initiative supporting Queensland manufacturers - toward its foray into USA.

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, Cameron Dick, who recently inspected the CFT product in Toowoomba, congratulated Wagners on securing what he described as a landmark deal for the company.

"This innovative product designed right here in Queensland is providing a new and commercially-viable solution to age-old structural material issues the world over, so breaking into the booming US market with this product is a real watershed moment for the company," Minister Dick said.

"We want Queensland manufacturing businesses to set their sights on delivering not only for domestic markets, but also for global markets, and Wagners is one company grasping that vision with both hands and reaping the rewards," he said.