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PNG LNG EPC3 - Papua New Guinea

 Wagners is responsible for the supply 130,000m3 structural concrete and locally sourced aggregates for LNG construction. In accordance with the PNG LNG project guidelines, where supply exists within PNG, Wagners looks to procure goods and services locally wherever they are competitive with foreign-sourced supplies. Wagners works with a responsible approach to ensure the Project doesn’t negatively impact the needs of other projects or industries.


Local National Employees - 86%
Expatriates - 14%


  • Batch plants
    2 X 100m3 per hour Batch Plant
    Debag system
    6 X Cement Silos
  • Ancillary equipment
    1 X Cement Store (either hangar type store for bulk bags or containerized storage if cement is delivered in 20” or 40” cement containers)
    Water Chiller
  • Workshop
  • Laboratory
    Laboratory facility
  • Wheeled Equipment/Concrete
    4 X Front End Loaders
    2 X Concrete 32m Boom Type Pumps
    2 X Cranes 
    12 units of Concrete Mixer Trucks


Materials: Commit to deliver 131,000 concrete.

Raw materials: Cement, Flyash, Admixtures



Exxon Mobile


Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea



Cement Flyash

Batch Plants

Quarries & Mobile Crushing

Transport & Logistics


Aggregates & Ready-Mix Concrete Supply

Time frame

24 months (2011-2013)

PNG LNG EPC3 - Papua New Guinea