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EFC Boat Ramp Precast Planks

Wagners “Earth Friendly Concrete” (EFC) geopolymer is ideally suited for the production of high quality, high durability precast concrete boat ramp units. This product is offered by Wagners Precast division located in Wacol, Brisbane at their high volume production facility. The material properties, environmental performance and structural performance of EFC make it a superior alternative to S50 grade conventional concrete for high durability precast units in an aggressive marine environment.

EFC has been successfully used in 3 boat ramp projects. The first of these was done as an R&D project with Maritime Safety QLD and TMR – Rocky Point Boat Ramp in Winfield Bundaberg, constructed by Wagners in 2011 and serves as a reference case. Wagners have since supplied 2 EFC boat ramp projects to Port Macquarie-Hastings Council in Northern NSW.


  1. Vastly improved durability performance:
    • Higher resistance to chloride ion induced corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel,
    • Higher sulfate attack resistance,
    • Higher acid attack resistance, and
    • Very low heat of reaction which eliminates the risk of thermal micro cracking.
  2. 30% higher flexural tensile strength leading to increased robustness and strength.
  3. EFC is the lowest carbon emission concrete technology available in the world today. By using EFC instead of normal concrete, there is a reduction of 250 kg of carbon dioxide emission for every cubic meter of concrete used (applicable to a typical precast 50 MPa grade concrete).
  4. Far lower drying shrinkage, 50% less than conventional concrete when tested to AS 1012.13.



EFC Boat Ramp Precast Planks