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Corporate Profile

Wagners is a leading producer of construction materials and services for Australian and international markets.

Established in 1989 in Toowoomba, Queensland, the company is an ASX‑listed business.

We are strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial in our approach to business. 

Value Drivers

  • Highly skilled team with innovative and entrepreneurial experience
  • Integrated supply chain for reliability and competitive pricing
  • Agility and responsiveness
  • Lean manufacturing and continuing process improvement
  • Reputation for delivering quality products and services
  • Strong relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Innovative products that better meet market needs

Business Strengths

  • Innovation – continued investment into research and development, particularly in our New Generation Building Materials, a range of industry‑leading, environmentally sustainable building materials and technologies
  • Vertically integrated business
  • International presence – proven ability to operate globally, with diverse domestic and international market opportunities
  • High-performing safety culture
  • Targeted capital investment in facilities, people, plant and equipment to enable strategic growth
  • Our people – committed, skilled teams with shared culture founded on our Guiding Principles
  • Sustainable approach to finance, community and environment with well-developed control mechanisms
  • Internal research laboratory and development facilities