• Australia's Newest Airport EFC Pavement

Earth Friendly Concrete

Simply put, EFC is traditional concrete that uses no ordinary Portland cement. Instead, EFC uses a geopolymer binder system made from the chemical activation of two industrial waste by-products - blast furnace slag (waste from iron production) and fly ash (waste from coal fired power generation). This alternative eco-friendly binder technology reduces the carbon emissions associated with normal Portland cement and also has a much lower embodied energy.

Importantly, the engineering and construction properties of this new environmental concrete are as good, and in some areas better, than normal concrete. In fact, EFC has some significant performance advantages over normal Portland cement concrete, including improved durability, lower shrinkage, earlier strength gain, higher flexural tensile strength and increased fire resistance.

2014 Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport. 51,000 m² of heavy duty pavements constructed with EFC for turning node and taxiway areas. EFC concrete was also supplied for the foundations and wall panels used in the terminal building and all civil works on the site including the entry bridge. In this one project alone, some 8,800 tonnes of CO₂ emission were reduced by using EFC in place of conventional cement based concrete.