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Earth Friendly Concrete®

About EFC®

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Award Winning Earth Friendly Concrete® (EFC®)

Since commencement in 2004 Wagners have developed and commercialised a geopolymer concrete that offers customers unique durability performance, excellent structural performance and the highest level of sustainability. The importance of this development has been recognised by both government and industry in the following awards:

  • Winner, 2011 QLD Premiers ClimateSmart Awards
  • Innovation Case Study, Brisbane City Council 2012 Innovation Survey
  • 2013 BPN Sustainability Awards , overall winner
  • 2013 The Australian – Shell Innovation Awards, category winner “Hi-tech Manufacturing and Design”
  • 2015 Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA), Queensland State Award for Excellence – “Engineering Projects”
  • 2015 CIA National Sustainability Award – Highly Commended

Environmental Excellence

EFC® is a new class of concrete that contains NO ordinary Cement. Globally, the production of 1 tonne of Portland Cement produces 1 tonne of CO₂ emissions and is responsible for 5 to 8% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of cement, EFC® has a geopolymer binder that is made from the chemical activation of two recycled industrial wastes, flyash and slag. This recycled binder reduces the CO₂ emissions associated with Portland cement by 80 to 90%.

  • Every m3 of 40 MPa EFC® saves 220kg CO₂ emissions

Durability and Performance

In addition to its environmental credentials, EFC® is also a high performance concrete that offers the highest resistance to the common forms of concrete degradation in normal concrete due to the different chemistry of the geopolymer binder.

EFC® has:

  • High sulphate resistance
  • High chloride ion ingress resistance
  • High acid resistance
  • Very low shrinkage
  • 30% higher flexural strength
  • Very low heat of reaction

Key Milestones for EFC®

  • 2011 Independent engineering report (first edition) commissioned and released on EFC® showing equal or better performance than conventional concrete under the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS 3600 “Concrete Structures”. Second edition 2015 which included R&D studies by RMIT and longer term test data on structural performance.
  • 2012 Global Change Institute building, 5 storey multi-rise building at University of Queensland, St Lucia campus. 33 no. precast reinforced EFC® floor beams were supplied to form the suspended floors. A world first application of modern geopolymer concrete in a load bearing element of a multi-storey building.
  • 2014 Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport. 51,000 m² of heavy duty pavements constructed with EFC® for turning node and taxiway areas. EFC® concrete was also supplied for the foundations and wall panels used in the terminal building and all civil works on the site including the entry bridge. In this one project alone, some 8,800 tonnes of CO₂ emission were reduced by using EFC® in place of conventional cement-based concrete.