• Copperstone

  • Cecil Plains

  • Grevillia

  • Out Back

  • Sorrento

  • Poppy Seed

  • Bull Ant

  • Raven

  • Simpson 

  • Gum Nut 

  • Terracotta

  • Salt and Pepper

Concrete & Site Batch Plants


Are you after a timeless and stylish product that lasts a lifetime? 

Our PLATINUM.GEO range is ideal for outdoor areas. It will add character to your home giving it a textural and distinctive look. We have many different colours and styles available to choose from.

Our products can be used for columns, driveways, paths, floors infrastructure, landscaping, parks, gardens, walkways, pools surrounds, slabs and roadways. Just to a name a few applications. 


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Important things to remember: 

Use a professional 

– Please consult an experienced decorative concreter about the specific requirements of your project.

– Decorative concrete products may not suit all pump designs or applications. Please speak to your Wagners representative.

No additional water
– Your concrete will be designed for a specific water ratio as prescribed on the delivery docket. Adding water beyond this may cause a loss of strength and lead to cracking, bleeding and/or dusting issues.

– Cement-based products such as concrete can cause lasting damage to the surrounding environment if not properly controlled. Consult your local council for more information or advice.

Natural products can vary
– Whilst Wagners make every effort to provide a consistent mix, exposed mixes contain various natural products, including aggregate and sand that originate from natural sources. Therefore, variation and appearances can vary. Images and samples are representative only.