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Cricket Pitches

Wagners cricket pitches are uniquely suited to withstand Australia’s harshest weather while providing minimal maintenance. 

Assembled in a controlled environment with precise consistencies and attention to detail, a Wagners cricket pitch assures the pitch is fit for purpose. Possessing a full in-house design team, Wagners work closely with the client to ensure a dependable, high-quality cricket pitch that provides an optimum and safe playing surface.



- Glass fibre reinforced sub-structure
- 25 years design life
- Fibre cement deck
- Synthetic grass cover options:
   » Synthetic grass polypropylene
   » Synthetic grass nylon super turf



Available in two standard lengths, both lengths feature
22 yards of wicket to wicket spacing.

- The “Spinner”: 25.9 m high x 2.4 m wide (short run up)
- The “Paceman”: 37.7 m high x 2.4 m wide (long run up)



- 7-year warranty (WCFT Elements)
- 25 years to first inspection on painted elements exposed to direct sunlight
- Expected 25 year design life on WCFT Members and Manufactures Warranty
on Grass Matting
- Assembly Instructions and Drawings
- Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies Structural Framing Members
- 5 x Pre-assembled decking segments with incorporated lifting points
- Compressed Fibre Cement Sheet Decking
- Club Specification Cricket Matting Bonded to Decking
- UV Stabilized Polypropylene Matting with Needle Punching in Shock Pad for Enhanced Strength and Durability.
- All Associated 316 Grade Stainless Steel Connection Hardware