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wagners composite fibre technologies

We manufacture innovative structural fibreglass sections using a unique pull-winding process that can be used as a replacement for steel, aluminium, and wood in infrastructure projects or engineering applications. It has significant advantages compared with traditional building materials as it is resistant to corrosion, lightweight yet strong, easy to install and maintain.



Pine Oaks Wetland Boardwalk, Ocala, FL, USA

The City of Ocala was developing their 60 Acre water recharge park to create a wetland ecosystem, improve water quality, and boost regional groundwater supplies.

The feature of this park was a Wagners designed and manufactured 1500ft boardwalk with 2 viewing platforms. The City used WCFT as their choice of material to provide a long-life asset to the community that was chemically inert and resistant to the UV heavy and corrosive environment.

The project was supplied in kit form and constructed by a local contractor.