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Burnett River Dam

This project was undertaken for the BRD Alliance by the principal contractor Wagner Investments Pty Ltd. The project involved the production of approximately 2000, 5m x 2m Pre-cast Concrete Panels to be used for the face wall of the Dam.



This project was carried out for Burnett Water Pty Ltd by The Burnett Dam Alliance, a partnership of Burnett Water, Water Construction Group, MacMahon, SMEC, Hydro Tasmania and Wagners.


The Project involved construction of a roller compacted concrete dam with a storage capacity of 300,000Ml, including a conventional concrete lined spillway and outlet works.


Wagners Quarries division was contracted to crush 1.05 million tonnes of graded aggregate from material excavated from the dam foundations and produce 410,000m3 of roller compacted concrete and 77,000m3 of concrete aggregate for the production of 47,000m3 of conventional structural concrete. This component of the project was complete in nine months.


In addition, Wagners were contracted to manufacture 20,000m3 of PVC lined precast concrete panels for the upstream face of the dam wall.



Bundaberg, Qld



Precast Concrete

Quarries & Mobile Crushing


Pre-cast Pannels

Time frame

21 months

Burnett River Dam