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Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

The airport and business park precinct is the business hub of Toowoomba and regional Queensland, with an aviation, logistics, transport, corporate and mining services focus.   Once finished, Wellcamp Business Park will be a highly attractive business destination with wide landscaped streets, parklands, first class presentation of buildings, in proximity to a modern regional airport terminal. Situated on the future Toowoomba Bypass (expected to be complete by 2018), approximately 15 minutes from the CBD, with direct access by road to the south, west, north and east of Queensland, Wellcamp is ideally located to service key destinations throughout Queensland and interstate and also as the gateway to the coal seam gas and coal industries in the Surat Basin in Queensland’s south-west.

This jet-capable public airport will be available for regular passenger services, charter flights, fly in fly out and airfreight services. The airport is designed to cater for large jets up to 747 size, facilitating the largest of airfreight into and out of the region.

The airport is not subject to operational curfews which will provide a competitive advantage in securing international air cargo operators.

Being privately owned also means that the airport is not subject to a number of restrictions evident in other major airports around Australia. These include the restrictions imposed by the Airport Act of 1996 (Commonwealth) which impact the 21 federally regulated airports around Australia:

• Ownership – no restrictions on ownership by airlines, foreign entities or other airport operators
• Price surveillance – no pricing restrictions or monitoring that the five major airports are subject to
• Tenure – federally controlled airports cannot sell freehold land (owned by Commonwealth) and tenancy is limited to 50 years from 1996, with a maximum 49 year option 
• Master Planning – regulated airports are subject to onerous master planning conditions which subject applications to extensive delays

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport is free from these restrictions and will be highly attractive to industries seeking to establish their operations at a major airport.  Likewise the potential market value of the airport is enhanced by the lack of ownership restrictions.

Some of the key points of the airport are listed below:

• First greenfield public airport built since Melbourne Tullamarine over 47 years ago
• First privately built and funded public airport in Australia
• Available for regular passenger services 
• Runway 2.87km long x 45m wide 
• Large 747 jet capable
• Low fog occurrence compared to Toowoomba Airport with greater than 99% of days being fog free (compared to 95% at Toowoomba)


Wagners have self-performed all the works on site (except for drill and blast):
¦ Removal of top soil
¦ Cut and fill for stage 1 of business park
¦ Bulk rock fill for runway, taxiway and apron areas (from quarry established on site)
¦ Fine crushed rock for capping layer on runway, taxiways, aprons and roads (from second quarry established on site)
¦ Forming of roads
¦ Wagners have established a concrete plant on site to provide EFC concrete for Apron, Terminal and other site buildings
¦ All 10.5million tonnes of rock fill is from on-site, saving $100million in construction cost compared to sourcing rock off-site and transporting to site

Wagners’“Earth Friendly Concrete” (EFC) was used for the construction of all heavy duty pavements in the aircraft turning areas as well as a range of other works on the project. There were two main EFC pavement areas as follows:

(i)    Turning node at the Northern end of the runway - 16,000 m2 , 435 mm thick.

(ii)   Taxiway on the Western side of the runway - 32,000 m2 , 435 mm thick.





Cement Flyash

Batch Plants

Steel Reinforcing

Quarries & Mobile Crushing

Transport & Logistics




Denis Wagner

Time frame

April 2013 - November 2014

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport