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Welcome to Wagners!

Welcome to Wagners, a dynamic rapidly expanding company that acknowledges its staff as one of the company’s most important assets.  As a result of the company’s rapid growth Wagners are continuously recruiting for staff across all divisions and at all skill levels, this expansion of the company also provides staff with many opportunities for up skilling and advancement.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss what opportunities Wagners may be able to offer you.


Wagners Human Resources Team

Wagners Pinkenba Cement Facility

Why Wagners?

Wagner’s employees enjoy a number of advantages of working for dynamic, fast growing innovative company including

  • Flexibility – Wagners operations are spread over approximately 22 domestic and several global sites, these include a number of major sites in Brisbane, Head Office in Toowoomba, large site at Townsville and a range of smaller plants throughout regional Queensland.  In addition to this Wagners Global operates from a base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, servicing a number of international projects.  The spread of Wagners operations may give employees the flexibility to transfer throughout the company if they desire, gaining experience in a range of diverse locations.
  • Opportunity for advancement – Wagners rapid expansion offers staff a number of opportunities for advancement through on the job experience, a range of formal training options and an extensive apprenticeship and traineeship program.
  • Range of career options – Wagners spread of operations enables staff to pursue a range of career options which include working across multiple divisions and locations, training and development programs to achieve Management positions or ongoing training for employees who wish to remain in their current position.
  • Established local company – Wagners is a highly regarded and well established Queensland family company which has been operating since 1989.  The company’s reputation and continued growth provides a high level of job security for all employees.
  • Committed to innovation – Wagners is committed to ongoing innovation and encourages all staff to constantly review and improve systems and processes.