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Wagners EFCWagners CFT Manufacturing Pty Ltd have developed and commercialised a new innovative geopolymer concrete named Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC), that offers customers unique durability performance and the highest level of sustainability of any concrete available in the world today.

Simply put, EFC is traditional concrete that uses no ordinary Portland cement. The cement in EFC is a geopolymer binder made from the chemical activation of two industrial wastes – blast furnace slag (waste from iron production) and fly ash (waste from coal fired power generation).

Globally, the production of 1 tonne of Portland Cement produces 1 tonne of CO2 emissions and is responsible for 5 to 8% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of cement, a geopolymer binder is made from the chemical activation of two recycled industrial waste bi-products, flyash and slag. This recycled binder reduces the CO2 emissions associated with Portland cement by 80 to 90%.

EFC offers the highest resistance to the common forms of concrete degradation in normal concrete due to the different chemistry of the geopolymer binder. In particular, the following properties mark EFC as one of the highest performing concretes for extreme durability environments:

  • High sulphate resistance
  • High chloride ion ingress resistance
  • High acid resistance
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Very low heat of reaction

In 2011, Wagners won the Premiers ClimateSmart Award for the development of Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) and in 2012, the Innovation Case Study, BCC Innovation Survey.

Learn more about EFC and the giant leap towards a low carbon emissions concrete industry. 


Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete

Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete - ClimartSmart 2011